**Listed prices are subject to change with market fluctuations and not guaranteed.**



$ POR 

Diesel on road and off road are available in bulk quantities of 500 gallons in the winter months. During summer months, smaller quantities of off road diesel are available to onsite locations.


Winter Blend

$2.489 per gallon

Winter blend is a 50/50 blend of #2 heating oil and Kerosene. While Winter Blend offers greater protection against gelling conditions in extreme cold temperatures, we still require a signed waiver of liability on file to pump Winter Blend into outside tanks.  Winter Blend has a minimum 100 gallon delivery.


$2.699 per gallon

Kerosene is used for outside tanks and certain heaters that call specifically for Kerosene.  Kerosene is a minimum 100 gallon delivery. 

#2 Heating Oil

$2.279 per gallon

#2 Heating Oil is the most common fuel for home heating. #2 is intended for inside tanks to prevent gelling during periods of extreme cold temperatures. While we will deliver #2 heating oil to outside tanks we require a signed fuel liability waiver on file should gelling occur causing a failure to your heating system and potential damage to your home.

Todays Fuel Prices

In todays unstable markets, prices can change in the blink of an eye. As a small company we can't be everywhere at once with a giant fleet of trucks. Frugal price shoppers will spot the value in our pricing schedule in comparison to some of the much larger companies. To make up for our smaller fleet size we offer a weekly price lock. For example if you place your order on Monday and we won't be delivering to your area until Thursday, your price is locked in and protected from going up regardless of changes in the market. However, if our price drops with market fluctuation we will extend the lower price to you automatically. Our automatic customers can expect to pay the lowest listed price over the last seven days. These are just a few examples of our commitment to customer service that makes McKee Energy your best value for your heating dollar.